Rachel McLellan (Usman Khawaja's Wife) Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts etc


Rachel McLellan never met a person from Islam culture prior to meeting Usman Khawaja. She likewise had these perspectives about Islam that it's extremely severe and exceptionally shut with regards to ladies. She was uninformed about Usman Khawaja's religion from the start. 

Rachel McLellan (Usman Khawaja's Wife) Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts etc

However, when she began to know him more she comprehended that she has misconstrued Islam because of contrary news about it and Usman Khawaja was an exceptionally open and cherishing individual. Subsequent to seeing that religion is a vital piece of Usman Khawaja's life she additionally chose to change over to Islam prior to wedding him. They got hitched on sixth April 2018 and from that point forward have been partaking in each second together. 

Rachel McLellan is conceived and raised in Australia. She has a place with a Catholic family. 

usaman khwaja wife
usaman khwaja wife

Rachel McLellan Individual Details 

  • Name-Rachel McLellan 
  • Generally Known as-Rachel Khawaja 
  • Origination Australia 
  • Age-22 years 
  • Calling Marketing and Events Manager 
  • Old neighborhood Australia 
  • Identity Australian 
  • Religion-Christianity went to Islam after marriage 
  • Conjugal Status-Married 
  • Spouse Usman Khawaja (Australian Cricketer)

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