Gert Smith (Trent Boult Wife) – Age, Profession, Photos, Biography, Wikipedia, Pics

Gert Smith Trent Boult Wife – Age, Profession, Photos, Biography

Gert Smith is the wife of Trent Boult (New Zealand star cricketer). She is very unmistakable inside the WAG (spouses and sweethearts) local area of the Cricketers.

She shared in an interview that the New Zealand wives and girlfriends (WAG) didn’t really think of themselves in that way. She said this is not her only identity as she and other ladies of their NZ WAG community have families and jobs which keeps them busy.

Gert’s has shared publically that her class of year 5 and 6 even joked and placed a bet on whether she is actually dating the Black Caps start cricketer and were pleasantly surprised when it came out to be true.

Personal Details

  • Name- Gert Smith (real name Alexandra)
  • Birthplace- New Zealand
  • Age- 28 years
  • Hometown- New Zealand
  • Profession- Teacher
  • Nationality- New Zealand
  • Religion- Christianity
  • Marital Status- Married
  • Husband- Trent Boult, New Zealand Cricketer (m. 2017)
  • Children- 1 son  (born in October 2018)

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Trent Boult reported through an Instagram post dated July 29, 2018, that he and his better half Gert Smith are anticipating their first kid by year's end. 

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It was in October of 2018 that the couple declared the introduction of their child kid.

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