Monday, April 5, 2021

100-ball cricket Rules: New Format of Cricket

100-ball cricket Rules: New Format of Cricket

100-ball cricket is a short form of cricket. The 100 ball game has two teams each having a single innings, which is restricted to a maximum of 100 balls, and the game lasts two and a half hours.100-ball cricket is a type of restricted overs cricket, played by two groups each playing a solitary innings comprised of 100 balls.

The configuration of the game is: 

  • 100 balls for every innings 
  • An improved on scoreboard is likewise proposed
  • A difference in closes after 10 balls 
  • A 25-ball powerplay start for each group
  • Bowlers convey either five or 10 back to back balls 
  • Every bowler can convey a limit of 20 balls for each game 
  • Each bowling side gets a vital break of up to more than two minutes  
  • Two defenders are permitted outside of the underlying 30-yard circle during the powerplay 
  • Groups will actually want to call breaks, as has been the situation in the Indian Premier League since 2009 

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