Longest Six in Women's Cricket History - women cricket records

We've seen many long sixes in men's cricket, but the boundaries hit in Women's Cricket is less talk about. There are batters from Australian and Indian Women's Team who have set a record that is compared well with Men's Cricket. This post will tell you about the longest sixes in women's cricket history.

Longest Six in Women's Cricket History - women cricket records

Longest Six in Women's Cricket History

#1.Harmanpreet Kaur - 94m

The first position belongs to India's Harmanpreet Kaur - although her side lost the #WWC17 Final at Lord's, this big six against England was voted the Play of the Tournament!


#2.Shafali Verma - 88m

India's 15-year star-kid batter Shafali Verma smashed the joint-highest number of sixes at this 2020 ICC Women's T20 World Cup. The longest six came out in the match against Bangladesh, Shafali hit 37 runs in 17 balls and India won the match by 18 runs. The longest six came against the seamer Jahanara Alam where the ball goes between in long-on and deep mid-wicket.

#3.Sarah Taylor - 85m

Sarah Talor Hit humongous sixes against South Africa. In an ODI match, she hits three sixes in three slog sweeps, and one of the six is recorded as 105m. And considered as one of the longest six in women's cricket history.

#4.Mithali Raj - 82m

This was a match against the South African team in Cape Town. Mithali hit some huge sixes in the deep extra cover. She hit half-centuries in that match, India won that match too.

"Longest Six in Women's Cricket History - women cricket records"

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  1. It is really fascinating to watch your favorite cricketer smash a six, but can you just name a few longest six in cricket history? Of course, not. It’s gonna be slightly tough because there is so much confusion around it.

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