Why RCB Wear Green Jersey in Some Match ? Facts, Records & Stats

Why RCB Wear Green Jersey in Some Match? Facts, Records & Stats

You have noticed well The Royal Challengers Bangalore team came out wearing a green jersey in the game against DC at home in the last Indian Premier League season to buildout a message on environmental prevention. The franchise RCB has worn the green uniform in the past editions also, as part of their “Go Green” initiative.

The establishment has been proceeding with this training since the 2011 season to make mindfulness about an unnatural weather change. The side has likewise been taking activities to plant trees. They have additionally prior requested that the fans make a trip by transports to spare fuel.

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At the toss, RCB skipper Virat Kohli also posed with the other team captain holding a green plant. As a long tradition, the RCB captain "Virat Kohli" gives the opposition captain a plant on the day of the initiative "GO GREEN".

In the last season, RCB is focusing on raising awareness of recycling wastages. In a tweet from the official twitter handle, RCB tweeted: "Waste segregation makes recycling of waste simple. To raise awareness of recycling, the RCB team wears green jerseys made of recycled plastic. The jersey is the team’s promise to Go Green and their way of stepping up to save the planet" posting an image of their goodwill.

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  • They wear the green jersey in the last home game of the league every season.
  • Their name on the jersey is replaced by twitter handles.
  • RCB has won 2 matches and lost 5 matches of the 8 matches they have played in green jersey till 2018. One match was abandoned due to rain. So pretty bad record with this jersey.
Go Green - RCB


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