Here we're ranking the "Top 5 Batsmen with Best Cover Drive in The World Right Now." We ranked them on the basis of their playing skill, control rate, innovation, and the scoring percentage of the cover drive.

Top 5 Batsmen with Best Cover Drive in The World Right Now

#5.Tamim Iqbal (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh has seen its best time among several years. Tamim's average while playing the cover drive is a shocking 149.33. Likewise, he scores just about 21% of his runs with a similar shot. Being a leftie batsman, the cover drive is one of his essential and best cricketing shots.

Tamim Iqbal is one of the most experienced batsmen of his group and experiences rescued them of difficulty in various events. Tamim Iqbal has scored in excess of 18,000 universal runs and has the right to be remembered for a rundown for the present best batsmen with spread drives.

#4.Quinton De Cock (South Africa)

De Cock made his debut in 2012, de Kock has captured the imagination of each and every cricket viewer who has watched him bat. He had already broken some great records within the span of 7 years of his debut. Having scored almost 10k+ runs in his International career at the age of 27, it would be safe to consider de Kock as currently one of the best players with cover drives.

#3.David Warner (Australia)

David Warner is now the most successful batsman of the Australian test team, he scored a triple century in the last test series against Pakistan. Warner batting average in Test while playing this shot is 121.63. He also scores more than 20% of his runs through this shot. He is one of the five batsmen who have an average of more than 100 while playing the cover drive whilst also scoring more than 20 percent of their runs through the same shot.

#2.Babar Azam (Pakistan)

The current Pakistani skipper "Babar Azam" and Karachi Kings in PSL. Babar made his universal introduction in the year 2015 and his excursion for these 5 years has been only amazing. Babar has been the No. 1 T20I batsman for some time now and is one of only a handful few batsmen in the best 10 rankings in all arrangements of the game.

It is insightful to state he is extraordinary compared to other batsmen to play the spread shot at this age. Always there is a big debate on Babar vs Virat always, but Virat is much away on his control and success with every world-class bowler.

His normal while scoring runs with the spread drive (in Test Cricket) is 49.3. Be that as it may, he scores over 21% of his goes through a similar shot. Aside from this, his control while playing the shot is 91% percent, which is really amazing.

#1.Virat Kohli (India)

Before going into stats, Virat is the most innovative to play cover drive like a paintbrush. The 31-year-old batsman and the Indian and RCB captain is unarguably the best batsman of the player to play cover drive among all the current batsmen in the world. His power over his bat and body while playing the shot is very great and has frequently drawn the consideration of observers towards its style.

Cricketing intellectuals the whole way across the globe have loaded a ton of commendation on the Delhi fellow for his superb footwork while playing the shot. His batting avg while playing the shot is more than 70 %.  Kohli likewise scores 18.8 percent of every one of his goes through cover drives. His control rate while playing the shot is additionally a great 86%.

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