Who Will Win T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020? Prediction | Fantasy Leagues | Dream Teams

In this article on the topic "Who Will Win T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020 ?" we are assuming to things, one is the venue is Bangladesh and happening in Bangladesh. So here's our view on Who Will Win T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020?

T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020

There is a significant debate going on about where the competition will be facilitated this time around. PCB had earned the right to have the competition from the start. Nonetheless, with BCCI declining to visit Pakistan because of the security concerns and the political strains between the two nations, it was settled on January 16, 2020, that the competition will be moved from Pakistan. The new host for the competition is relied upon to be declared someplace in February 2020.

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Who Will Win T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020? Prediction | Fantasy Leagues | Dream Teams

The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) restricted hosting Twenty-Twenty Asia Cup 2020 in Pakistan from the absolute first day and the BCCI has asserted that the Indian Cricket crew will avoid this Asia Cup 2020 in the event that it will be held in Pakistan. In answer to that, The Pakistan Cricket Board likewise passed the message that the Pakistan Cricket crew will pass on the up and coming T20 world cup 2021 in India.

As Team India is the safeguarding champion, this little contention has just built up an inconspicuous weight on the players. Cricket diehards are anticipating some prime exhibitions from the top firearms of the two groups in Asia Cup 2020. How about we trust everything goes as indicated by the arrangement.

T20 Cricket Asia Cup Winners List All Time:

  • India: 1
  • Sri Lanka: 0 (Group Stage)
  • Pakistan: 0 (Group Stage)
  • Bangladesh: 0 (Runner-Up)

Head To Head T20 Asia Cup (H2H):

Matches Team 1 Team 2
India Vs Pakitan Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  India: 01 Pak: 0
India Vs Bangladesh Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  India: 02 Ban: 0
India Vs Sri Lanka Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  India: 01   Sri Lanka: 0
India Vs UAE Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  India: 01   UAE : 0
Pak Vs Ban Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  Ban: 01   Pak:0
Pak Vs SRL Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  Pak: 01   Sri Lanka: 0
Pak Vs UAE Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  Pak: 01   UAE: 0 
Ban Vs UAE Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  Ban: 01   UAE: 0
Ban Vs SRL Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  Ban: 01   Sri Lanka: 0
SRL vs UAE Head To Head T20 Asia Cup  Sri Lanka: 01   UAE 

Note From Head To Head T20 Asia Cup:
  • India Never Lose Any Match in T20 Asia Cup
  • UAE Never Won Any Match in T20 Asia Cup
  • India and Bangladesh had played in most finals for the last decade in both ODI & T20.
  • Malaysia and Afghanistan will play T20 Cricket Asia Cup in 2020 for the first time.
  • Malaysia reaches to Asia Cup by winning T20 Asia Cup Qualifier.

ICC Rankings of Asian Teams:

Ranks Teams Points
1 Pakistan 270
4 India 264
7 Afghanistan 236
8 Sri Lanka 236
9 Bangladesh 226
31 Malaysia 87

In this ranking, you can clearly see who is stronger and the weaker teams. But things are not that just look,  Pakistan is at the top while they are whitewashed by Sri Lanka in the last T20 series. However, Afghanistan will be the dark horse in T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020. Malaysia had no chance in front of such world-class teams. And Malaysia doesn't have any star player who can be expected to do well. Just Check Below the Bowler and Batsman Ranks in Asia.

Asian Ranking of Batsman:

  1. Babar Azam (Pakistan)
  2. KL Rahul (India)
  3. Virat Kohli (India)
  4. Rohit Sharma (India)
These are the Top 10 batsman in ICC Rankings, and they will surely perform match-winning innings. KL Rahul is the player to watch among them all. On the side of Bangladesh, there is batsman such as Liton Das who could be the key of Bangladesh to reach in the finals. 

If you want me to predict the final, then my choice is Bangladesh over Pakistan and Sri Lanka, even they are low in rankings. Their team performance always hit in the right place and but the absence of the great all-rounder "Shakib-Al Hasan" will surely make the team weak.

Asian Ranking of Bowlers:

  1. Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)
  2. Imad Wasim (Pakistan)
  3. Shadab Khan (Pakistan)
  4. Jasprit Bumrah (India)
  5. Washington Sundar (India)

The host nation will be a great factor to analyze the bowling unit of the teams. But bowlers like Bumrah is always turn out to be a superhero in his day. While the unlisted players of Bangladesh, in their home condition they can create magic in the shorter format of cricket.

Prediction of T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020:

  • India Will Win Every Match, while the Final and Bangladesh match will be crucial to say.
  • Rohit Sharma & Virat Kohli will perform well in the tournament.
  • Bangladesh will manage to reach in the final, with the support of the home situation
  • If Pakistan player squad has Shoaib Mallik, this could be a mistake if they took him.
  • Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan should be successful in both the department if they want to stay in the tournament for long.
  • Afghanistan will surely disappoint a top-notch team. It's better to play safe with AFG.

Predictions of  T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020 Results:

  • Final: India Vs Ban
  • Best Batsman: Virat Kohli
  • Best Bowler: Rashid Khan
  • Champion: India
So, these are the final prediction and the tips for fantasy leagues for Asia Cup 2020. Please subscribed to our FB and Insta page if you want depth analysis for Every T20 Cricket Asia Cup 2020 Matches and teams.

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