Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Possibilities of IPL 2020

COVID 19 affects this IPL season, and now there is an end with many possibilities including not happening. The recent meeting between IPL franchises owner and BCCI board makes some hope of possibilities.

Here are five best alternates of IPL 2020 Possibility

1. Diminish IPL (Groups): 

Traditional there are eight teams playing each other just once instead of home and away in the league (32 matches including 4 playoffs) or being grouped into multiple groups of four teams each and playing home and away (28 matches including playoffs). This could affect the revenue but something would be better than nothing, which contributes a high amount in India's GDP.

Indian Premier League fans are not used to it, but other domestic leagues like Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and several more.

2. Extending the window

The initial schedule of the Indian Premier League 2020 suggested that the tournament will start on March 24 and soon get over on May 29. Within 14 days gone, the BCCI Board plans to extend the window till May 31. And also talk to overseas boards so that some of the players could be available or not at least until June 7. Keeping in mind the Pakistan T20 League - 2020 HBL PSL is paused in the middle before the knockouts.

3. Doubleheaders 

This IPL season was proposed for only one doubleheader, that too on Sunday. The IPL franchises were told that the number of doubleheaders could be increased. They were also informed about how they can play 60 matches notwithstanding the loss of days initially. Probably this would affect games that were planned in Guwahati, However, Assam is in a good situation to host the games for Rajasthan Royals.

4. Three games a day?

In case the matches start only after April 20, the number of matches could go up in a day across venues. Even on weekends, there could be up to three matches across all the venues. However, that requires further consideration between Television and Streaming broadcaster and team franchises owners.

5. Limited venues: 

There is a chance of hosting the matches in a restriction on numbers of venues — that will not only reduce management problems but will also reduce the production costs. As of now, the idea is to limit the venues to not more than five. Wankhade probably not in the scheme of minds because most numbers of corona cases are from Corona.

6. Play in a void stadium: 

In case the situation doesn’t change by April 15 and the overseas players have not furnished the visa, the organizer will consider hosting the matches behind closed doors without a single audience in the stadium. But if this will happen, the smaller debut stadium in small region like Barsapara Stadium will be useless to not getting to the newer audience who only experience the games only on Television.
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