Controversial Pics of Cricketers That Shocked Everyone

We bring you some of the images from the cricketing world, which creates buzz for the wrong reasons. The reasons are various but most of them are insane for a gentleman sport. So here are the cricket controversial pics and cricket scandals caught on camera.

Controversial Pics of Cricketers That Shocked Everyone

Controversial Pics of Cricketers That Shocked Everyone

#1.Sarah Taylor Controversial Photoshoot

England's star right-handed batter and wicketkeeper Sarah Jane Taylor is grinding away again with Sarah Taylor photoshoot Instagram post to leave her fans and the entire cricketing society shocked. Subsequent to astonishing everybody by posting a naked image of herself wearing only just wicket-keeping gloves, Sarah has by and by surprised the cricketing scene with another electrifying post from her ongoing photoshoot for a wellbeing magazine.
In the post, she expresses gratitude toward Women's Health UK for welcoming her to participate in a course that tends to the ladies' body issues. At first, she wasn't happy while shooting it, Sarah is presently pleased with herself for making a striking stride and furthermore has a message for different ladies.

#2.England Team Controversial Photoshoot

The skilled unit of Stuart Broad, Alastair Cook, and James Anderson have been pillars of the England Test Team for a long time. As the three productive cricketers are perspiring on the field against West Indies in the last Test of the late spring, we think back on an intriguing minute they shared together nine years prior. Cook, Broad, and Anderson went distinctly exposed for Cosmopolitan magazine's May 2008 issue. 

The attractive cricketers presented bare holding only cricket bats (deliberately set) for bringing issues to light for testicular malignant growth. The image of the banner young men of England is still crisp in the psyches of their fervent fans and cricket sweethearts

#3.Rashid Lateef Caught Behind Controversy

This is the pic when the YouTuber Rashid Lateef jaw drops his fans face when he did this. The match was being with Bangladesh in Pakistan Lahore. This was the last test match, then footage came where Rasid Lateef the Wicket Keeper caught behind the batsman, but when the back of wicket-keeper camera footage came where it is clearly seen that Rashid carry the ball from the ground and along with the sleep fielders are bluffing. The videos will be embedded below.

#4.Shahid Afridi Chewing Ball

This incident happens in Perth (Australia). Afridi in his book wrote that he has kept an eye on up and composed that in 2010, when he turned into the Pakistani commander just because, he bit the ball to guarantee his bowlers could swing it. Afridi concedes he interfered the ball looking for a swing in what he depicted to be an urgent circumstance. This is not only a controversial thing from Afridi, but he also cheats by giving wrong data of his age. And after retirement, he is famous for his statement on Kashmir. 

#5.Steve and David Ball Tampering

The 2018 Australian ball-altering embarrassment, otherwise called the Sandpapergate outrage, was a cricket outrage encompassing the Australian national cricket crew. In March 2018, during the third Test coordinate against South Africa at Newlands in Cape Town, Cameron Bancroft was gotten by TV cameras attempting to mess up one side of the ball with sandpaper to make it swing in flight. As a result, Smith was displaced by Tim Paine as Test captain and Aaron Finch as T20I and ODI captain.

#6.Virat Middle Finger

This also happened several times when Virat was a young emerging player, the crowd used to boo him, and then he replied with a middle finger. Virat is in controversy every year of his career to date. After this incident, Kohli apologizes and says that "My coach, Rajkumar Sharma, was always looking at things from the outside and he understood me the most, after my own family, because I had interacted him so much over the years. My family as well. Every time they felt like I was not on the right path they told me." Virat and his wife Anushka face controversy when they click a picture with all the board members.

#7.Nayan Mongia Not Want To Win

Actually, this was not a big deal when it was happening, but the image was uploaded by several cricket web sites and Facebook pages like RVCJ. This was a match between West Indies when the match-fixing was introduced to cricket fans. The match is in easy hands of India but Nayan Mongia skipped a great chance of runout and several such incidents happen in this series against West Indies. Even that time Indian coach Madan Lal said in Sports Tak that someone is fixing but we cannot catch the real one.

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