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Best Audio Books Based on Cricket Available on Audible

This COVID 19 Lockdown was very painful for sports fans especially cricket fans. Yes, shopping sites like Amazon are not ready to give books at your home. So listen to these audiobooks based on great cricket stories could be a medicine for cricket fans. Listening cricket books online in Audible is the best thing for you guys better than reading cricket books pdf.

Best Audio Books Based on Cricket Available on Audible

These lists consist of five books most filled with a list of Indian cricketers books written by various people.

 Cricket 2.0
 A Biography of Rahul Dravid
 Captain Cool: The MS Dhoni Story
 Six Machine: I don't like Cricket I Love It
 Winning Like Sourav

#1.Cricket 2.0 

Cricket 2.0 tells the story of how an old, traditional game was transformed by Twenty20 and how this format moved from being a gimmick to the face of modern cricket.

  • Tim Wigmore (Author)
  • Freddie Wilde (Author)
  • Oliver Hembrough (Narrator)
  • Audible Studios (Publisher)

The iconic captain Brendon McCullum, England's T20 visionaries Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler and Trinidad's Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine, who rose to become among the first T20 millionaires, explain how they shaped T20 - and how it shaped them. Test greats Rahul Dravid and Ricky Ponting recount what a sea-change T20 represented and decode the T20 strategy. AB de Villiers explores the limits of modern batting. The Afghan phenomenon Rashid Khan shows that T20 superstars can now come from anywhere. Venky Mysore, the cricket revolutionary you have never heard of, reveals how the game is changing off the field.

#2.A Biography of Rahul Dravid: The Nice Guy Who Finished First

This is the remarkable story of Rahul Dravid's extraordinary cricketing career that commenced in 1996. The book highlights the physical, mental and, of course, technical attributes that have elevated Rahul to legendary status. In this honest endeavor to recount the story of Rahul Dravid, the author is assisted by reminiscences from his mentors, seniors, teammates, and even opponents, all of whom witnessed the making of a cricketing legend from close quarters.

  • Devendra Prabhudesai (Author)
  • Homer Todiwala (Narrator)
  • Audible Studios (Publisher)

#3.Captain Cool: The MS Dhoni Story

It took just four years for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to transform from a boy from an obscure small town into an icon of Indian sports. The events that made up that tale turned into one of the greatest feel-good stories of recent times, and I felt it needed to be told.

  • Gulu Ezekiel (Author)
  • Avinash Kumar Singh (Narrator)
  • Audible Studios (Publisher)
Dhoni is arguably the most radical and influential Indian cricketer since the emergence of Kapil Dev in the late '70s. The positive impact he has had on Indian cricket - and on aspiring youth - is the modern-day version of a fairy tale come true. Since he received no formal training during his formative years, Dhoni's rough-and-ready ways were never ironed out of his system. There lies his appeal, and that is what pulls in the crowds.

#4.Six Machine: I Don't Like Cricket... I Love It 

'If the ball's there, hit it. Don't worry about what might happen. Play for the glory. Play for the six.' Chris Gayle is the only man to have ever hit a six off the first ball of a Test match. But then producing the impossible is an everyday act for the West Indies legend: the first man to smash an international T20 century, the first to hit a World Cup 200, the fastest century in the history of the game. He has hit twice as many T20 sixes as any other man and scored two Test triple centuries.

#5.Winning Like Sourav: Think & Succeed Like Ganguly

You might have read many best cricket autobiographies, but this one is about a player who brought Indian cricket from the darkness. From being nicknamed 'God of offside' to charting the future of team India, Sourav Ganguly is undoubtedly one of the greatest captains to have played for the country. His records speak for himself: 18,000+ international runs and 11,000 runs in ODI matches including 22 centuries with an average of 41.02! Moreover, Sourav still has the highest win/loss ratio (even higher than M.S. Dhoni's) and also holds the record of the highest number of wins overseas as a test captain. 
  • Abhirup Bhattacharya (Author)
  • Aniket Bele (Narrator)
  • Audible Studios (Publisher)
What makes Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, the 'Prince of Kolkata', such a winner? How did he motivate himself when everyone had written him off? And what can we learn from him? Winning like Sourav aims to unravel the secrets of his success to help us think on the same lines and come out with flying colors just like Ganguly.
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